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Adventure Two: Lake Sunapee

Sunapee Harbor Cottages 
Adventure Two: Sunapee Harbor
A Summer Weekend Adventure

Who: Family members of all ages.
What: A Multigenerational Family Gathering
Where: Sunapee Harbor, NH
When: Summer days.
Why: Fun!

Lake Sunapee is a beautiful lake in New Hampshire that offers extended families a wonderful locale for a family gathering and countless adventures.  Sunapee Harbor Cottages are quaint cottages located across the quiet road from the gazebo and a quarter of a mile up the road from the harbor. About a mile up the hill sits the Burkehaven Lodge, a reasonable, family-friendly, affordable motel.  The area also offers additional motels, camping and rental cottages.  Checking reviews at Trip Advisor will help you to select the right spot for your family group.

The gazebo sits in the middle of grassy common and offers a wonderful view of the harbor. Visitors can reserve the gazebo for special family events at no cost via Sunapee Town Department.  This is a perfect picnic spot providing shade under the gazebo's roof and grassy fields for games of ultimate frisbee and tag.  Pack your own lunch or contact Marzelli's Deli to order salads, sandwiches and sweets for your family gathering.

Both Sunapee Harbor Cottages and the Burkhaven Lodge provide complimentary guest passes to the nearby lake beach.  The beach, approximately a mile from the harbor, offers a sandy beach, kayaks, sailboats, canoes, a playground and volleyball courts. Visitors need to pass a short boating test prior to borrowing the boats for a lake adventure

Sunapee Harbor offers shops and boat rentals, while nearby Mount Sunapee offers gondola rides, hiking trails and frequent festivals too. Nearby New London Hospital hosts Hospital Days in early August each year which includes a sprint triathlon and other festive, family events.

If you're looking for a safe, beautiful area where family members of all ages can both spread out and gather together, then Sunapee Harbor might be the adventure destination you're looking for.


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