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Mt. Washington Hike

Who: Active individuals.
What: Climb Mt. Washington, the northeast's highest peak.
When: Clear, dry days in late spring, summer, or early fall.
Where: New Hampshire
Why: A chance to hike with friends in a beautiful environment.
How: Plan ahead, do your research, pack and dress appropriately.

The White Mountains National Forest offers multiple outdoor activities for young and old. There are short, flat hikes, waterfall trails, river play, boating excursions, and multiple mountain hikes short and long. The highest peak is Mt. Washington which offers a 360-degree vista on a clear day.

Mt. Washington is a strenuous, approximately 4-mile rocky ascent. There are multiple trails to the summit and there's the chance to camp or stay in a cabin along the way if you want to break the trip up into multiple days. You can choose to hike straight up and down or take a ridge hike from a nearby mountain. Whatever you choose, make sure that you check in with the rangers at the base to ensure that it…