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What Do You Want From Your Vacation?

What do you really want from your vacation?

Asking yourself this question before you travel is important. It's an especially important question if you're traveling with a large group as to get what you really want you're going to have to fit it into the agenda.

There are many considerations when answering this question.

For one, food. How important is food to your vacation?  Are you happy to visit the local grocery store, stock up, and eat your favorites, or do you like to visit restaurants that have local color and flavor? If you desire good restaurants, you'll have to do a bit of research beforehand to find those places. Whatever the menu you desire, if it's a priority it will take some planning.

Another consideration is accommodations. Will you tent, stay at a motor lodge, rent a home, or get a fancy hotel room? Again, this takes preparation. As you consider your accommodations think about your needs or desire for privacy, space, a view, and ambiance.

Third, wha…