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Cross Country Roadtrip?

Have you ever considered taking a cross country road trip? I always thought that all that driving would be too much for me and my family, but last year with a son living in the midwest, we journeyed about half way across the country and back again by car, and I LOVED every minute of the trip.

If you're considering a similar adventure, here are a few recommendations:
Make the time to choreograph the adventure. We planned days with lots of driving and days without driving.Book accommodations ahead of time. This will save you money and give you a destination to aim for each day you drive.Identify good restaurants ahead of time too as that will help you to stick to the budget you desire and eat really good food too. Become familiar with mapping tools on your GPS, iPhone, and preferred paper maps. Identify landmarks and beautiful locations you might want to stop at along the way.If you're traveling with children make sure that you make them comfortable for the long stretches of driv…

Concord MA: 80 Thoroeau

I live a few miles from Concord, Massachusetts. Concord is a quaint town steeped in history--a place everyone should visit.

My son has worked on farms in the Concord area often. Recently, in an effort to learn more about farm-to-table restaurants, he took a job at 80 Thoreau, a fine dining restaurant in Concord. He brings home wonderful stories of the owners' investment, knowledge, experience, and care regularly. Then recently, my son gave my husband and I a gift certificate to the restaurant as a present.

From all his stories, I knew I was going to enjoy the evening, and that's exactly what happened.

80 Thoreau provides you with a wonderful dining experience. Every aspect of the restaurant from its location to the decor, multiple seating arrangements, a terrific wine list, and delicious food and presentation makes a visit to 80 Thoreau memorable and satisfying.

So during your next visit to Concord or when planning a special local event, I recommend the wonderful dining experi…