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Nantucket Bike Adventure

Who: Couples, Families, Friends
What: A Biking Vacation
Where: Nantucket Island, Massachusetts
When: The Off-Season: Spring or Fall
How: Bus or Drive to Hyannis, MA and Ferry to Nantucket

Off season is a good time to explore popular summer resorts and destinations by bike. Off season means the bike paths and roads are less populated so there's the freedom to ride with ease at your own pace.

We took advantage of the off-season and planned a successful bike trip to Nantucket. With bikes and bike bags, we took the slow ferry (about $50. roundtrip per person including bikes) to Nantucket on a Wednesday afternoon. We found The Seven Seas Street Inn which was about a quarter mile from the ferry dock in Nantucket. The Inn was welcoming with its traditional Nantucket decor, spacious rooms, delicious breakfasts, and friendly hospitality. After that we toured the quaint town--a mixture of the newest of new and oldest of old in storefront windows, architecture, and landscaping.

The next day we r…